Dimsum Diner

Dimsum Diner is known for its oriental ambiance with a twist of western touch on its services. It offers a variety of food from dim sum, congee, noodles, rice toppings and short orders dishes.

Its nature of combining the two types of restaurant which are fastfood dim sum house and fine dining Chinese restaurant caters to two kinds of market segments that pure fast food and fine dining restaurant alone could not cater.

The company operates with the following Vision, Mission, and Objectives:


The company envisions being the leading neo-classical dim sum restaurant in the Philippines.


To the chinese-food eating public:

To serve excellent quality authentic dim sum dishes with excellent customer service at a very affordable price. To the valuable associates and employees...
To be an enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding place to work To the communities in which Dimsum Diner operates…
To be an EXCELLENT food-service company and to add overall value to the community.


To the franchisee:

To provide PRIDE of ownership and to be a financially rewarding investment. In dealing with the communities of interest which make up Dimsum Diner's stakeholders, Dimsum Diner will always conduct itself at a level of integrity beyond approach.


The company's main objective is to meet its customer's satisfaction in terms of the food and services, thus gain the loyalty of the customers.